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On pushing cars for developing leg strength

December 28, 2016

As part of my daily success regimen, I use a random number generator to choose a location in a certain book (on my Kindle). From there, I read for ten minutes, using a timer app on my Samsung Galaxy.
There are a small group of books I keep in this rotation. One is Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade (a nom de plume). My two teenaged sons and I have been following his training regimen for almost three years.
Today's passage, which I just read, involved advanced training for the legs, after mastering squats. Coach Wade suggests developing this additional strength through pushing cars.
Wade suggests contriving such practise by finding a 100-yard stretch of clear road and pushing the car (in good weather). Methinks the winter conditions we are having here in Canada right now will make such opportunities fall into one's lap.

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