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January 15, 2017

Dear visitors, I would like to get your comments on something.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been conceptualizing a design for a new website (actually a landing page). This is for the domain. At the moment, there are six finalists involved in a design competition. Their very preliminary efforts are here (note that you are only seeing a portion of the design, roughly that which would appear “above the fold” on a computer or device).

The new website will be an entry point for web visitors to the King’s Highways & Steam Trains book series. It will offer the visitor two options—buy the current volume at a special price (i.e. during a launch) or watch a series of videos for more information on the series (and in the process opt-in to my mailing list).

There is something the new will not be. As a landing page, it is not a regular website. So it will not be taking the place of my regular (and, as such, it will not have a blog, contact details, or the usual extra pages associated with a standard website).

The new site will be created for the website visitor not otherwise acquainted with any of the Ian Wilson line of books. Although the video content and the buy-now-and-get-a-special-price offers will be appreciated by all readers, the landing page is being designed from the start for people unfamiliar with my work.

As mentioned above, I would appreciate your input on the various designs. Even if you simply tell me something like, “I like #4 best and don’t like #6” or “The silver-and-red effect is nice on #4”. The easiest ways to offer feedback is in the comments section of this post. Alternatively, you can email me at and I will review what you have to say.

Thank you all in advance. By the way, I am working on the second draft for King’s Highways & Steam Trains (Volume 2). Right now, it appears that it will have 32 pages plus cover. That puts it between Volume 1 and Steam at Washago in thickness. I aim to release Volume 2 in February.







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