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Only 48 hours left to order a copy of Steam Scenes of Stratford...

May 31, 2017

After a concerted effort by the Canadian Branchline warehouse team, all pre-ordered copies of Steam Scenes of Stratford have been shipped to readers. I’ve already heard from a number of long-term fans who have checked their mail and found a book-bearing stay-flat envelope in the pile.

Again, thank you to all for supporting the project!

As with all my publications, we order a few more from the printer than we require (although, this time, we received FEWER copies than we requested). So, if you haven’t already ensured that you acquire your own signed and personalized copy of limited-edition Steam Scenes of Stratford, you still have time.

The thing about ordering one or more copies of Steam Scenes of Stratford (or any other title in stock) is that we’ll only be shipping books for another 48 hours (until Friday afternoon). Very early next week, I’m embarking on an overseas research trip and will not be available to distribute any books until the end of June.

So, now’s the time to think about your reading material for the balmy days of June. Besides Steam Scenes of Stratford, you might want to think ahead toward Volume II of King’s Highways & Steam Trains (due for release in August) by ordering Volume I.

Click on any of the links provided here and we’ll get your package out to you post-haste.

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