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L & A Ten Wheeler 503... we're ALMOST there!

February 20, 2018



There are a few more hours for you to order books and prompt my donations on your behalf to the fund to save Louisiana & Arkansas Ten Wheeler 503.


To recap, I’m donating $20 from EVERY hardcover and $10 from EVERY softcover/novel sold until midnight tonight. Please order your books through buttons on the Canadian Branchline and Angus Wolfe tabs above.


The latest news


As for the latest on Louisiana & Arkansas Ten Wheeler 503, it’s all here.


Happy steam locomotives


As an aside, I visited the Age of Steam Roundhouse in Sugar Creek, Ohio with my two teenaged sons back on September 30. It’s an awe-inspiring experience for anyone fond of steam power.


And... I know this sounds corny, but the twenty engines housed in that newly-constructed, historically-inspired facility were the HAPPIEST steam locomotives I’ve seen in some time.


That place speaks of the POSSIBILITIES for steam preservation today... for engines having a secure future.


You people have already—and we’re not done counting yet—advanced $510 toward the emergency funding to save Louisiana & Arkansas Ten Wheeler 503. You’re helping to ensure that engine has a HAPPY future.


The alternative—the reality if we and others don’t act—is UNTHINKABLE.


A word about the Branchliners


In receiving your book orders over the past two days, I’ve come to realize a couple of things about the “Branchliners”.


One, you people are LEADERS when it comes to generosity and initiative. Not only have you been ordering books to generate donations to the L&A 503 cause, but a number of you have donated directly to the funding page. And I’ve even had one Branchliner request that I bill him for $100 so it can be added to the pot—because he already has all my books!


The second thing I’ve realized anew about the Branchliners is this—we are one of the most connected groups of steam locomotive enthusiasts in North America. Among our number are leaders in preservation, industry, engineering, finance, art, literature and the trades. From the members of this mailing list, it’s one step—or no step—to every person of influence in the North American steam locomotive preservation community.


And, if you’re ever in Florida someday, you may have occasion to visit the Orlando & Northwestern Railway (a bit northwest of Disney World). When you look at—or ride behind—Louisiana & Arkansas Ten Wheeler 503, I’m sure you’ll have the same realization I had at Sugarcreek, Ohio—There is one happy engine!


Thank you... or last chance to contribute!


If you’ve already ordered one or more books in the past couple of days toward this cause—thank you. If you haven’t... the good folks are still a few thousand dollars short. Every single book you order until midnight tonight throws money in the pot to save L&A 503—and you’ll have some reading material to get you through the winter!






PS—Remember, I’ll donate $20 from EVERY in-stock hardcover and $10 from EVERY softcover/novel sold until midnight tonight—to help save L&A 4-6-0 #503. Order your books now!


PPS—Please link this blog post to every steam locomotive fan you know. Let’s make sure we help save L&A 4-6-0 503 from scrapping.

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