2020 Canadian Branchline calendar

In plenty of time for Christmas 2019...

We’re shipping our 2020 calendar, featuring scenes like those you have come to expect in Ian Wilson’s series of Canadian Branchline books. A separate picture for each month (and one for January 2021 to get you started on the next year!).


Limited production of 500 copies

Unlike with our books, of which we print extras to allow for new readers coming onboard, we’re intending to exhaust our supply of Canadian Branchline 2020 calendars long before Christmas! Order soon to assure yourself of a copy! But LIKE our books, the Canadian Branchline calendars are printed on high-gloss archival paper—in Ontario, Canada.

This calendar will fit on the shelf with your books

Each picture measures 9 inches wide by 111/2 inches high—the same dimensions as the rest of the IanWilson books on your shelf! The horizontal format presents scenes larger than they would appear in a book.

We’re introducing quantity discounts for you!

We’d intended to offer discounts for multiple purchases of the calendar only, but decided to discount your entire basket of goodies by 20% (if the merchandise alone adds to more than $200) or 40% (if more than $400). A chance to fill in your collection of books at wholesale savings! (if you want to enjoy your discount by ordering online, please email for a custom invoice).

Our new Canadian Branchline Referral Program!

If we send you a brochure (either in a book shipment or by mail) AND you see your name on an address sticker on the front of the brochure (under “SHIP TO”), that means we’ve set aside a copy of our 2020 calendar for you until Dec. 15, 2019 (make sure you claim it!). That’s your order form. If you see your name on the reverse of this flyer (under “REFERRED BY”), that means we will send you a FREE GIFT should you introduce us to a new buyer (or someone who has not purchased from us in two years or more). Pass that flyer on!

We’re now pricing in Canadian currency only, but you may remit the equivalent in US funds

This will ensure fairness to our US readers. On the flip side of the brochure, you’ll see a box where you may indicate  payment in US funds (converted at 1.28, the approximate amount the bank has been offering us for several months). If you pay online, all of that is taken care of automatically.

Order soon to stroke off a few gift recipients!

We’ll ship the calendars (and other merchandise) in the order we receive the reservations. Make sure you’re early!

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$24.95 CAD