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We’re back with a fresh calendar adorn your kitchen, train room, study, workshop—wherever you like to gaze upon 1950s Canadian railway scenes! Each picture measures 9 inches wide by 11-1/2 inches high—the same as our books on your shelf! A horizontal format presents scenes wider than they would appear in a book.

Our calendar is all-colour this time!

For your wistful flashbacks to the glorious railway era of the 1950s, we present you with sparkling images of Canadian steam-era subjects. Each picture corresponds to its assigned month—and we’ve added January 2022 as a bonus for you, making a baker’s dozen of images!

To not to spoil your surprise, we’ll only say...

As you flip through your calendar, you’ll see images depicting 1950s Canadian steam railway operations you find in our books. We selected your pictures from 700 candidates! They feature steam locomotives, but a couple of diesels and one station-and-train image sneaked in. There’s CN and CP; mainline, branchline and terminal; large and small engines. Each picture features a locomotive or train in a scene. All the images have been prepared by James A. Brown. Most of the photos are taken in Ontario, with one each from Quebec and New Brunswick.

Readers appreciated our 2020 calendar...

So much that we’re still receiving orders for them! Readers often report that they purchase them for the large, sharp photographs alone! (a few copies of our 2020 calendar are still available).

But we learned something last time around...

When we announced our 2020 Canadian Branchline wall calendar in October 2019, many readers and retailers told us that people start looking for next year’s calendar after Labour Day! So we’ve moved the project sooner, in order that you may plan ahead.

Even when downsizing, you need a calendar!

Support a Canadian business which promotes your interest in steam railway subjects. While you’re at it, stroke off a few gift recipients! We’ll ship the calendars in the order we receive the reservations. Make sure you’re early! The 2021 Canadian Branchline wall calendar is printed on high-gloss archival paper—in Ontario, Canada.

These pictures DIDN’T make it into our 2021 railway calendar

After sifting through 700 possibilities for 13 slots (each month of 2021 plus January 2022 as a bonus), we selected the candidates. Those images were finalized for print by James A. “Jim” Brown.

You may have similar family traditions or superstitions to ours

Somehow we learned that it was “bad luck” to look through a calendar before the actual months rolled around. In that regard, we won’t disgrace that adage by displaying the 13 colour pictures which will grace your 2021 Canadian Branchline wall calendar!

What we’ll do, though, was share with you some short-listed images that DIDN’T make next year’s calendar (for reasons of logistics).


It’s January 3, 1959 as Canadian Pacific 4-4-0 136 powers a snowplow ahead of the mixed train at Cody, New Brunswick (Robert Sandusky photo)

On March 3, 1956, Canadian National 4-6-2 5607 blasts up Hamilton Mountain with mixed train 233 for Simcoe (Robert Sandusky photo)

Canadian Pacific Mikado 5375 passes the interlocking tower at Hamilton Junction with an eastbound freight for Toronto (via the CNR’s Oakville Subdivision) in October 1956 (Jim Guerin photo)

CNR Mountain 6076 brings eastbound passenger train 6 into London station on December 30, 1956 (Robert Sandusky photo)

Canadian National Mogul 86 takes coal from a clamshell crane after finishing her day on the Wiarton mixed train on November 3, 1956 (Robert Sandusky photo)

Canadian National Ten Wheeler 1576 simmers outside the roundhouse at Palmerston on February 16, 1957 (Robert Sandusky photo)

CNR Pacific 5594 pulls away from Listowel station with afternoon train 171 for Stratford and London on April 3, 1958 (Oliver Horning photo).

CPR Mikado 5323 enters the CNR Oakville Subdivision at Hamilton Junction with an eastbound freight for Toronto in May 1955 (Jim Guerin photo).

CNR Consolidation 2526 switches cars at St. Marys while working the Stratford – London way freight on June 24, 1958 (Howard Ameling photo).

CPR Pacific 2409 takes coal at London in July 1959 (Jim Guerin photo).

CNR oil-electric 15832 and trailer leave Lindsay for Midland as train 603 in August 1957 (Jim Buckley photo).

With express cars waiting to be lifted by passenger trains, CNR yard engine 7229 rests near Kitchener station on September 5, 1954 (author’s collection).

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