Ian wilson

Since 1998, Ian Wilson has written and published nine hardcover books on 1950s steam railway operations on the CNR in Ontario. He's also written and published three shorter softcover volumes on the same subject matter, plus a Hardy Boys-style hardcover mystery novel. A novel in serial form ("The King's Puzzle") is unfinished as yet, but four of six volumes are available as eBooks.

Ian is a graduate of Queen's University with a degree in civil engineering.

Ian and his wife Mary-Jo homeschool their two teenaged sons, Spencer and Duncan.

While Ian writes and produces the books, the other three family members take care of filling orders, stuffing envelopes for direct mail packages, archival assistance, and a myriad of other tasks.

Ian is a lifelong steam railfan, who just missed the era of regular steam service. He grew up in Barrie, Ontario (the railway part of that city is known as Allandale).

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