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New Angus Wolfe adventure!

July 19, 2015

A month ago, in the immediate aftermath of my father's death and funeral, I told my wife and two sons that I needed to get away. They embraced my first suggestion—a fishing trip for the four of us in Northern Ontario. I chose a place called Lunge Lodge, on the Upper French River, west of North Bay. It's the resort upon which I have based Big Jim's Fishing Camp & Hunting Lodge.

When we arrived at the end of the road and telephoned the lodge for a water taxi, we were told to wait in a boathouse to be picked up. Therein, I saw numerous cedar strip runabouts—holdovers from an earlier era—stored. My imagination conjured up a new Angus Wolfe adventure, involving a trip back in time to 1949.

Upon arriving home four days later, I began penning my new yarn. It begins like this—In retrospect, the adventure for Angus started the moment he stepped into the red boathouse at the wharf where the Lunge Lodge water taxi would pick him up...

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