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Quick announcement on Washago book

November 25, 2015

We’re getting really close to producing the long-awaited print version of Steam at Washago. This will be my first such release in almost six years!
Over the past year, all the readers on the Canadian Branchline email list have enjoyed the eBook version of Steam at Washago. Yet, to a person, they have proclaimed, “Give me a print version. I want to put it on the shelf with the others in your series.”
So, here we are then, just before Christmas! Time is of the essence, so I will be updating you every day or two on progress of printing and distribution. As the release day approaches, I’ll provide you with information about ordering signed copies. After that, we’ll hustle things along to make sure every fan of Canadian steam railway operations has a new book to read over the holidays!

In addition to reading this blog, you can keep up to date on progress of the print version of Steam at Washago by subscribing to the Canadian Branchline email list (see signup form on the bottom of the home page).

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