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Special book projects and promotions for 2017

November 30, 2016

By the grace of the author, of the united series of Steam and Angus Wolfe, and of the King’s Highways & Steam Trains beyond the hardcovers, defender of the steam era in Ontario, emperor of the branchlines.

Dear reader.

The new year will be upon us in a month. Over the next three weeks, I will be laying out my slate of work for 2017. That will include additional volumes in the King’s Highways & Steam Trains series. As well, a second edition of To Stratford Under Steam. There will also be room for a special project—and two new business activities.

The purpose of this post is to begin the process of creating partnerships between my books and appropriate groups or entities with historical agendas that are good matches to my books—either those in existing series’ or those of entirely new creation.

Groups or entities suitable for book partnerships would include heritage railway (railroad) operations, non-operating railway museums, railway historical societies and specific equipment restoration projects. There are possibilities beyond the railway field, too. Those may include museums or groups with a focus on transportation (e.g. highways, waterways, automobiles/trucks, steamships, aircraft), industrial subjects, engineering works or historical military equipment.

While I live in Ontario, Canada—and most of my writing centres on that locale—entities in other parts of North America or even overseas are not be out of the question.

I am interested in starting conversations with people in decision-making capacities with such groups. Perhaps you’re one of those people. Or, maybe you can provide me with an introduction to such a person. The subject of such discussions would be one or both of the two following possibilities, which will be new business activities for me in 2017:

  • partnering with several entities to promote one or more titles in the existing book series’ (the Canadian Branchline Steam volumes, the Angus Wolfe novels, and the new King’s Highways & Steam Trains issues)
  • creating a custom title for an appropriate group or entity

The first new business activity for 2017 (as above) will be joint venture partnerships. These will be for book launches and promotions, of which there will be several. The mechanism I use for launches and promotions can be adapted for use by appropriate entities. There will be opportunities for groups or associations which are good fits for my books. The books may be current or future titles in one of the three series. Through joint venture partnerships of promoting and selling books, a group can augment its revenue.

The second new business activity for 2017 is more ambitious. The books I have created—the Steam series, the recent time-travel to railway centres in the 1950s, the novels involving famous steam-era trains—are home-grown. But there may be even bigger possibilities lurking in pairing my writing (and book production) with the agenda of a group/entity that has a built-in following.

Can you imagine a book—similar to Steam at Washago or the first volume of King’s Highways & Steam Trains—but showcasing the cause of the group to which you belong (or with which you are associated)? Such a group enjoying a higher profile through publication of a custom-produced book—with engaging narrative and historical photographs and illustrations—pertaining to its historical agenda? Just picture Angus and Amanda (of King’s Highways & Steam Trains fame) going back to the Age of Steam on your heritage railway! Or, visiting the appropriate era associated with your venture.

Do you act in a decision-making capacity for any group or entity that might benefit from a joint venture partnership? Through promoting present or future titles in my existing series... or having a book custom-produced? Or, you may know someone who enjoys such a role. If so, I would like to hear from you. Simply email at to to open the discussion.

Even if you just have the faintest inkling that your group/entity and my books would be a good fit, then let’s chat! We can start a conversation about shared interests—pairing an Ian Wilson book (a title in an existing series or an entirely new creation) with your group’s project or venture. Together, we might make something great happen—sell a boatload (or boxcar load) of books and benefit your group/entity financially and in terms of visibility!

I look forward to hearing from you. All replies will be kept in strictest confidence.

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