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Port Credit 1957 vignette

December 19, 2016

Angus stares down a double set of railway tracks. He’s peering eastward, by the look of the sun. Late afternoon, summer. There’s a smudge of coal smoke in the distance—a steam locomotive! And that station and coal yard look familiar. Where is he?

Port Credit, that’s it! And that maroon-coloured passenger car on the tail end of the stopped train belongs to the Canadian Pacific. An eastbound, late afternoon passenger train? Where’s a railway time table when you need it?

This era, judging by those automobiles in the near distance... doesn’t look too far off 1957. That’s where he and Amanda have been visiting these days. They’re supposed to be at Stratford. So, what’s this diversion to Port Credit all about?

This vignette, this momentary glimpse into the past, has been happening a lot for Angus lately. It never lasts long. Like his adventures in King’s Highways & Steam Trains by way of Old Eddie’s time-travelling 1956 Ford Mainline. But what pleasant escapes from the second decade of the 21st century!

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