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Announcing: Five-day pre-launch for Steam Scenes of Stratford

February 12, 2017

Thank to all readers for your consideration toward helping choose the cover design for the proposed Steam Scenes of Stratford.
There was a flurry of voting on the two cover options. All the way through, the design featuring the locomotive at Stratford station prevailed over the motive power shop option by roughly two-to-one.
There were enough readers expressing interest in the proposed 48-page soft-bound Steam Scenes of Stratford for me to table a pre-launch offer at a special price. You can pre-order until midnight Friday, February 17 here:
If you preferred the Big Shop cover view, please don’t despair! The consensus was that both images were superb candidates. So, the picture on the shop track will be run large on an interior page if the book goes to print.
I’ve assessed the time, energy and expense of producing the proposed Steam Scenes of Stratford for a spring release. It’s imperative that the pre-orders reflect the degree of informal support voiced for the book project after previous circulars.
My email lists for Canadian Branchline and recent book buyers are not overly huge. So, I am counting on you to forward a link to this blog post right away to the one or two friends of yours who would thank you for the opportunity of helping to guarantee that Steam Scenes of Stratford sees publication.
The online offer, at a special price of $19.95 per copy (in Canadian funds for Canadian orders, US funds for US and overseas orders) plus shipping, will only be in effect for five days. It will expire at a moment before midnight on Friday, February 17, 2017. So, please hustle with placing your order and helping to spread the word!
As the pre-orders come in over the five days, I will display a thermometer image to show how close the proposed Steam Scenes of Stratford is to realizing publication. This thermometer will be updated at least on a daily basis.
Now, if you would prefer to order by regular mail, you will find links to appropriate forms (Canada or international) on the website. If you go that route, send me an email reply indicating that  your payment is on the way and I will add it to the tally.
Thank you in advance for your support with this Steam Scenes of Stratford volume. Thousands of other ultimate readers will appreciate your involvement at the outset of the project!

Once again, your link to place your pre-order now for Steam Scenes of Stratford at a price to expire in five days is here:


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