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Title chosen for upcoming book! (FIREBOX CHAT #3)

September 17, 2017

There are a few newsworthy items here I thought you would be interested in.
Book orders
If you are interested in stocking up on titles as gifts for friends or family members or as leisurely reading for yourself as winter approaches—please navigate to our book pages.
Progress on new book
The upcoming book on the Rehor-Wood photographic travels in Ontario is entitled SPEED GRAPHICs AND STEAM 1957! There is a cover design contest underway as we speak. Six finalists are working on their best concepts. The cover art will be revealed later this fall.
When the flyers tabling the pre-publication offer for SPEED GRAPHICs AND STEAM 1957! are ready, we’ll be sending at least one to everyone on our list. There will also be flyers inserted in upcoming issues of CN Lines and Branchline. As those flyers are distributed, the online ordering option will be rolled out. We’re looking at early October, by Canadian Thanksgiving, for that to happen.
Digital payments
Thank you for all the email responses to the issue of digital payments (currently by PayPal). We’ll continue to offer a digital payment option for purchases of existing stock. But, for a pre-publication order, we will need a work-around (PayPal rules prohibit taking money and not promptly shipping merchandise). A number of you have responded with suggestions and we will look into them. That includes other forms of electronic payment. Will report back. When the pre-publication offer is tabled, there will be a digital payment option in place.
Someone suggested using an online service such as Kickstarter as a vehicle to handle pre-orders. The suggestion is a good one and appreciated. Of course, such facilitators charge a commission, which we would have to pass onto readers in the form of an increased shelf price. The good thing about my pre-publication offers is that we’ve always (over the course of a dozen books) raised sufficient funds to cover printing costs. So that won’t be an issue. However, some elements that Kickstarter-type campaigns employ to increase interest in projects will be adapted for the SPEED GRAPHICs and STEAM 1957! campaign.
You can still claim a copy of the Niagara book!
Thank you to everyone who spoke for a copy of Steam to the Niagara Frontier. Everyone is covered. There are still a couple available, so speak up if you’d like one! The price is $69.95 plus shipping and tax. Email me and I’ll respond individually to those interested. Before requesting payment from you, we’ll need to mate the dust jackets with the bound volumes. Will advise when they’re ready.
Contact sought
Whoever knows anyone who works at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, please respond to this email with details. I need a contact there to begin some research inquiries.

As usual

Please share the link to this blog post with any friend interested in a chance to reserve a personal copy of SPEED GRAPHICs AND STEAM 1957! at a special pre-publication price. And, if you’re that lucky friend reading this post, we invite you to keep up to date on such offers by signing up to receive email updates (look for any opt-in box on the website).

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