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Portfolio of pictures added for Speed Graphics and Steam 1957!

October 24, 2017

I’ve selected pictures at random from among the 300 which will appear in Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! You can see them sprinkled among the book description on this page:

Members of the Canadian National Railway Historical Association will see my article on the July 1957 trip to Ontario, by photographers John Rehor and Don Wood, in the upcoming issue of CN Lines. There will also be a copy of the print flyer enclosed to subscribers of that magazine.

In November, the Bytown Railway Society’s publication Branchline will have an announcement for Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! There will also be a book flyer enclosed with that issue for subscribers.

If you are not on our direct mail list (but are receiving these emails), we’ll be happy to send you a couple of the print flyers. Kindly email with your postal address.

As mentioned in a recent last blog entry, we’re supplying quantities of flyers for every train show in Ontario and neighbouring states this fall. As well, a number of readers who belong to local railway-oriented museums have offered to place flyers at those establishments.

If you can think of any group, museum or event in your area—a Christmas show, an open house, a swap meet, a gathering—that would be an appropriate place to set out a few flyers for interested persons, please email me and we’ll send you a quantity.

You can slyly leave this browser page—or your copy of the print flyer—handy for a family member to see. That way you’ll be taken care of for Christmas (we receive dozens of emails from wives and children explaining that hubby or Dad wants the upcoming book... and they tuck a copy of the flyer into a card or under the tree for him).

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The quickest way to pre-order Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! at the special time-limited discount is at

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