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We can wedge in ten more new orders for Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! to go out the door this upcoming week

May 20, 2018

Something I thought I’d mention before updating you on the shipping progress of Speed Graphics and Steam 1957!

We can wedge in ten more new orders for Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! to go out the door this upcoming week. Otherwise, they’ll carry over to the next week. You can order the book here:

Shipping progress

Your team is hard at work here, and has been every day since we picked up Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! from the bindery on May 10.

We’re now 60% of the way through dispatching the pre-orders and the remainder will go out over the next week.

Readers are weighing in

We’ve been hearing from readers, such as Ed, who have received their copies of Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! In Ed’s words, “I just received my copy of Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! Another masterpiece to add to your other wonderful books. Thank you for keeping the history of steam railroading alive.”

Roger says, “The pictures from the large format cameras are exceptional and very well printed. The color images were unexpected and a pleasant surprise.”

John advises, “A book recently out titled Rails to Goderich sold out in no time flat. I thought I wasn't going to get a copy of that one, as I was told they were sold out. I got the last copy from my source. I decided with your book that I wasn't going to wait, so I ordered quickly.”

Stan reports that “Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! exceeds my expectations.”

Dev relates “Just received my copy, wow! I will now enjoy a quiet stroll through the pages of this beautiful manuscript. Thanks to your thoughtful and insightful writing I can now see, smell and experience steam in its final hours as if I were actually there with Rehor, Wood and Harwood.”

Bill is enthusiastic, too! He relates that, “Ian, IT’S HERE! And it is as good as everything else you’ve done. Meaning exceptional. The inside-cover photo hooked me instantly. During a quick flip-through, I looked at the photos so hard I think I faded the ink! You continue your long streak of excellence. As I say when I reach the end of every book, “I want more!”

Reader Al tells me, “Ian, your new book arrived in today’s mail and I couldn’t wait to open it. What a great book! The smell of the ink as you open a new book is a treat. I will spend many hours marvelling over the exquisite reminders of a way of life that has faded into the past.”

Another John happily laments, “Just got home today and guess what was waiting for me? A sleepless night tonight for sure! You keep putting them out, I will keep buying them!”

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