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In honour of your Dad

June 16, 2018

If you’re anything like me, your Dad has something to do with your interest in trains.

Maybe your father is still alive, maybe he’s passed (I lost mine three years ago). Either way, I’d like to offer you something in his honour on Father’s Day.

Here’s what you’ll get from me:

  • FREE shipping and NO tax on any of my books shipped to anyone of your choice in Canada or the United States (we’ll give you an in-kind discount if you’re overseas) in honour of (or in memory of) your Dad.
  • A handwritten inscription above my signature in the book(s) on your Dad’s behalf. It could read ‘In memory of’ or ‘In honour of’ or ‘Best wishes to’ (etc.) your father’s name.
  • The book(s) giftwrapped and tagged on your behalf.
  • AND, if you’d tell me something about your Dad, I’ll even write a special note in my hand to the recipient, conveying your sentiments.

As you know, we’re a family-run business here... and we have some things planned for Father’s Day, involving Mary-Jo and I and our sons Spencer and Duncan. But we’d like to do something special for you—prepare a shipment of one or more books in honour of your Dad on Father’s Day. In that way, your Dad will have a special role in our day, too.

‘Okay, Ian, but how can I take you up on your offer?’

By simply emailing me and saying something like “I’m interested” and then we’ll work out the details. I’ll give you a total on whichever books you would like and we’ll either invoice you on PayPal or trust that you will remit a cheque/check to cover them.

But do that by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday (Father’s Day), because that’s when this special offer will expire!

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