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At the printer: Steam Through Port Credit

January 19, 2024

This morning, I turned the files for Steam Through Port Credit over to Ampersand Printing.

I expect the approval, printing, and binding process to take about three weeks. Distribution of this final hardcover volume will begin by the middle of February.

I have told both Ampersand Printing and Beck Bindery to curtail production at 700 copies. The numbers break down as follows:

  • 550 copies pre-ordered
  • 75 copies spoken for by retailers
  • 10 copies (or thereabouts) complimentary
  • 50 copies (or so) to be ordered by readership within a few days of publication

That means only about a dozen or so copies of Steam Through Port Credit will be available for the casual buyer. There is a ton of information about this volume on the book website (click on the title of the book in this message, each one of them is a link). Also a free sample available, and PayPal buttons should you wish to snag a copy while you can (Canadians can remit payment by Interac e-transfer; simply respond to this email and I'll help you in that regard).

I will keep everyone posted as to progress as the book works its way through approvals, printing, binding, and conveyance to my operations centre here!

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