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Allandale Ten Wheelers in July 1958

December 12, 2019

Allandale Ten Wheelers in July 1958

Time was running out for steam power on the Canadian National Railways (CNR) in July 1958. On the Central Region (if not the System), there were only two roundhouses yet stabling a roster of small, branchline steam power.

One of these roundhouses on the CNR in July 1958 was at Allandale, division point of the Allandale Division, on the Northern Ontario District. When our photographers John Rehor, Don Wood and Herb Harwood visited Allandale and its neighbouring branchlines in July 1958, there were six active Ten Wheelers (Palmerston, on the Southern Ontario District, also had six Ten Wheelers remaining in service).

I’ve put together a video which gives you some background on the final weeks of operation for the Allandale Ten Wheelers in 1958, based upon CNR Motive Power documents. Our photographer’s extensive coverage of these locomotives in operation we present in Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 2.

By the way, I mentioned a like number of active Ten Wheelers at Palmerston in July 1958 (our photographers visit that network of branchlines in Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! and Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1).

P.P.S. Also regarding Palmerston, there is a bonus video of steam action around Palmerston in the summer of 1956 exclusively available to direct purchasers of Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 2.

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