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CPR 4-4-0 number 144 from Cumberland Bay to Norton, NB

May 18, 2021

CPR 4-4-0 number 144 from Cumberland Bay to Nortoneastward on the Minto Subdivision two months before the end

The third of our Herb Harwood vignettes from August 1959 follows the eastward journey of the CPR’s Chipman–Norton mixed train behind American type 144. As part of our overview, I cover a few aspects of the line’s history, structures and geography.

Again, with son Duncan’s video and music production talents at my disposal, I’ve put together a short video that showcases this aspect of Herb Harwood’s travels in the dying days of CPR steam in New Brunswick.

To watch the video, click below:

P.S. As with our previous video on CPR D4 Ten Wheeler 492, today’s featured locomotive has ALSO been preserved in a splendid state at the Canadian Railroad Historical Association museum (Exporail)!

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