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Trailer for CPR steam DVD of the Galt Subdivision

April 28, 2019

Here is a sample from the upcoming DVD of Harold Kinzie's 8mm movies from the 1950s that document operations on the Canadian Pacific's Galt Subdivision near the summit of the grade at Orr's Lake:


Many of you will recognize Harold Kinzie as a major photographic contributor to my books (his work appears in all the volumes in the Canadian Branchline Steam Series)

It is in that spirit that I have undertaken the production of this DVD, which is provided free of charge to everyone who purchases a copy of Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1 directly from us. The DVD will not be available through any other outlet, nor will it be sold or distributed separately.

As a backgrounder on the footage on the DVD, it is about 36 minutes in length (and silent)

The footage was shot circa 1956-58. Here is an overview of the colour scenes included:

  • numerous sequences of doubleheaded (technically known as "assisted") westbound steam-hauled freight trains in the vicinity of Orr's Lake, Barrie's Cut, and Galt (including on the Grand River bridge and Galt station at Dundas Street)
  • lots of railwaymen and operating details such as uncoupling engines, turning switches, hooping orders, brakemen walking along rooftop running boards
  • assist engines running light, back toward Toronto, after uncoupling at the grade summit (Orr's Lake)
  • steam locomotives blasting under the timber farm overpass at Barrie’s Cut (and sometimes shrouding onlookers in smoke)
  • diesel-hauled trains as well, including F-units, road switchers and RDCs (Dayliners)
  • steam locomotives represented include D10 Ten Wheelers, 2200-series Pacifics, Mikados, standard Hudsons
  • interesting freight cars and loads, including B&O wagon top boxcars, glistening new farm machinery on flat cars, military ordinance on flat cars, work equipment such as boom cars and repair-in-place (r.i.p.) cars
  • some trains feature steam locomotives with diesel units assisting
  • classic wooden CPR cabooses (vans) bringing up the rears of trains, sometimes in pairs

To obtain your complimentary copy of this Canadian Pacific DVD showcasing 1950s action on the Galt Subdivision mainline...

... click this link to order Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1.

We anticipate shipping the new book and the DVD at the end of May 2019.

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