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Canadian Pacific action at Montreal in November 1957

August 15, 2022

In the previous installment of our overview of Bob Krone’s November 1957 visit to Montreal, we sampled views of Canadian National Railways action at Turcot West and Turcot roundhouse.

Before turning our attention to the Canadian Pacific, here’s a refresher on the location of the Motel Raphaël, our lodgings for November 8 to 11, 1957:

As outlined before, the CNR Turcot facilities are immediately south of our accommodation. In the opposite direction, you can see the proximity of the CPR’s Montreal West station, adjacent to Sherbrooke Street.

Montreal West is the second station outward from the CPR’s stub-ended Windsor Station in downtown Montreal. Westmount is 2.0 miles west of Windsor Station, while Montreal West lies 4.8 miles distant. All these stations lie within the Montreal Terminals Division.

Here’s a schematic of the tracks at Montreal West:

Two tracks from the Winchester Subdivision (from Smiths Falls, with connections to Ottawa via Vaudreuil) enter Montreal West from the top left corner of the map. Three more tracks feed in from the Adirondack Subdivision (which leads eastwardly to Farnham and distant connections, and northerly to points in the Province of Quebec).

These five tracks combine to four at Montreal West station, which are numbered consecutively from the station on the south side. Here’s an aerial view of Montreal West from the late 1940s:

And to give you a bigger picture, a time table schematic with a wider view of the CPR lines in the Montreal–Ottawa vicinity:

Now, let’s pick up on Bob Krone’s travels after his visit to the CNR’s Turcot roundhouse on Saturday, November 9, 1957.

Bob, his father Robert, and his friend Jeff have release forms allowing them onto CPR property at St. Luc yard roundhouse. In our introductory piece, we saw a view of three RS-18 diesel units there. On this Saturday, there is a lot of stored steam power, including G1c Pacific 2237 (late of Trois Rivieres and stored serviceable on March 22 of this year):

The next morning (Sunday, November 10, 1957), Bob visits the nearby Montreal West station. He catches train number 9, the Montreal Limited (from New York City) led by Delaware & Hudson RS-2 4022. It’s 8:50 a.m. and this train is on Track 1:

At 9:27 a.m. on the same day, Bob frames Pacific 1256 leaving Montreal West on Track 4 with Sunday-only train 173 for Ste. Agathe:

A trio of Dayliners, led by unit 9023, is also on Track 4 at 9:56 a.m., bound for Ottawa (via the Province of Quebec). The two men in the foreground have just finished stowing a large dog into the baggage compartment of the lead unit:

On the next (and last) day of his first Montreal adventure, Bob frames Jubilee 2929 on train 213 from Sutton at 7:45 a.m. We made acquaintance with this locomotive in Steam Encounters at Montreal the previous year, on the same assignment:

A few minutes later, while train 213 rests at Montreal West on Track 1, Pacific 2472 moves a commuter train from Vaudreuil toward Windsor Station on Track 2:

This concludes our series of glimpses of Bob Krone’s first visit to Montreal in November 1957. Next, we’ll take a look at his follow-up visit in June 1959.

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