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Steam Encounters in Ontario - May 1955

February 09, 2021

Steam Encounters in May 1955

Thank you to all for your comments—and a few corrections—to the video we produced last week. That was entitled Steam Encounters in Ontario: July 1954. The photography was by my late friend Jim Guerin, whose work was initially showcased in last year’s Steam Encounters at Montreal.

A new video showcasing May 7, 1955

We’ve put together another video as promised. This one puts a spring day—Thursday, May 7, 1955—under the microscope. We journey with our photographer from his home in Kitchener, Ontario to the Canadian National’s Dundas Subdivision mainline (with a brief look at the Canadian Pacific’s Galt Subdivision on the way).

Be sure to share this post with any friends who share your interest in 1950s Canadian steam railway operations—particularly those fond of southwestern Ontario! Here is the video (just click on the video to play it):

Addendum: check out our title Steam Encounters in Ontario vol. 1.


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