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Montreal distribution is complete

June 02, 2020

Distribution of Steam Encounters at Montreal is complete

We've finished distributing all the pre-ordered copies of Steam Encounters at Montreal. This process took three of us here almost three weeks. Many thanks for your patience!

With the book packaging activities, I haven't had time to acknowledge and respond to the many complimentary emails concerning the new Montreal book. Universally, the readership is impressed with the colour photo reproduction. That is gratifying, because preparing the 60+ year old Kodachromes was a challenge for all of us involved!

Along with the individual book distribution, we have filled all retail orders. If you have a local retailer who normally stocks our books, and hasn't gotten the Montreal title in as yet, please advise him/her it is in print. Of course, we're more than happy to fill your order directly (go to the order page by following this link:

Next book is already in the works!

Several readers have asked me, 'What's next?'

For the past two weeks, I have been laying out the page spreads for Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3. This will conclude that particular John Rehor - Don Wood - Herb Harwood chronicle. This one explores territory I've never written about, principally Canadian National branchlines in eastern Ontario, plus a LOT of Canadian Pacific branchlines and secondary mainlines in eastern Ontario and in Quebec.

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