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Steam Encounters at Montreal: part 2

January 21, 2020

CNR doubleheaded Montreal steam excursion VIDEO

Thank you for all the great responses concerning my recent video upload (a summary of the September 30, 1956 excursion on the CPR behind D4 Ten Wheeler 489 and G2 Pacific 2580).


Of course, when a mostly-CNR author dips his toes into the ocean that comprises the CPR and other railroads, he’s bound to create a glitch. And sure he did! I lost count of the CPR fans who reminded me that their road’s 2580 was a G2 Pacific and not a Consolidation. I caught that one too, but it was the end of the day and elected to fix the audio track later.

I feel a little better about the U.S. fans correcting me on the Boston & Maine passenger diesel. It’s an E7, but I’d been working from a CRHA source that identified the unit as an E6. Another audio correction in the offing!

Another steam excursion video documentary

This one concerns a trip of Sunday, March 30, 1958 behind CNR Ten Wheelers 1165 and 1391. Like our previous study, this was a Canadian Railroad Historical Association charter. If you enjoyed our first excursion video, you’ll like this one too! Both videos (entitled “A Tale of Two Excursions”) can be found at this link:

This production also features the photography of the late L. M. (“Jim”) Guerin. I’ve also included views by Aubrey Mattingly (Canada Science & Technology Museum collection), Harold Kinzie and Jim Buckley (Al Chione collection).

I’d also like to acknowledge the assistance of friends Jim Brown, Bob Sandusky and Jeff Smith for background information for the forensic reconstruction of the March 30, 1958 excursion. And my son Duncan Wilson for providing the musical accompaniment on piano (“I Could Write a Book”).

Please share this post with any friends who share your interest in Canadian steam railway operations—particularly those fond of Montreal!

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