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Oakville Subdivision local assignments

February 25, 2023

Here is where we bring a tiny bit of “branchline” into the Oakville Subdivision mainline for our proposed Steam Through Port Credit.

There were a number of local switching assignments on the Oakville Subdivision circa September 2, 1952. We’ll go through them briefly here for some background.

Clarkson Switcher

Out of Mimico yard there was a Clarkson switch run. Consolidation 2336 was the most usual power on this job at that time. It mainly consisted of tank cars going to and from the British-American refinery at Clarkson. The locomotive ran in reverse back to Mimico.

Here’s Bob Sandusky’s view of this engine on the outbound job at Port Credit in the spring of 1950:

Mimico–Hamilton way freight

There were two ends to this job, amounting to two locomotives and crews. Moguls held down this job until dieselization, account of the St. Lawrence Starch Company spur at Port Credit. We've introduced this assignment in previous broadcasts.

CPR Lambton–Hamilton way freight

Similar to the restrictions on CNR power for the Starch Works spur at Port Credit, this job was in the hands of a six-coupled D10 Ten Wheeler until the end of steam in 1959. Here’s my dad’s shot of engine 807 running in reverse, east of Stavebank Road at Port Credit in spring 1959:

Oakville Switcher

This was a new job circa August 1952, in connection with the new Ford assembly plant at Oakville. It was out-and-back from Mimico to service the plant. While the first engine assigned was Mogul 82, diesel 7628 (a branchline Canadian Locomotive Company H12-64) was transferred from the Montreal District on May 16, 1953 to take over this task.

Dieselization of switch runs

Around mid-1955, a diesel were put on the Clarkson Switcher assignment, and a Port Credit Switcher (also with a diesel) was instituted. Here’s CNR RS 1200 number 1241 at Clarkson in September 1958:

Clarification re. e-book

A reader asked as to which e-book is offered for the Branchliner (and above) packages. It is Steam Through Port Credit.


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Status of “go” or “no-go” so far

As of now, just after noon on Saturday, February 25, 2023, we’re at little past the halfway point on our target. It looks like this:

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