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Sarnia roundhouse on July 22, 1957

July 22, 2022

Sixty five years ago tonight, on July 22, 1957, Don Wood and John Rehor stepped into the Canadian National roundhouse at Sarnia, Ontario. A simmering tank engine, number 48, orphaned from commuter service at Montreal, greeted them:

The American visitors had arrived in Canada for only a few days, over which time they would expose hundreds of 4×5 film plates capturing Canadian steam locomotives in twilight.

The July 1957 travels of Rehor and Wood, on the heels of trailblazing friend Herb Harwood, form the backbone of our first Speed Graphics title. This is where the five-volume series begins.

To recognize this special anniversary, I’ve opened a fresh box of 16 Speed Graphics and Steam 1957!

Just these sixteen copies we’ll price at $49.95 CAD ($20 off) or $43.95 USD ($16 off). Come and get ’em while they last—either for yourself or as a special gift! Moreover, I’ll drop shipping charges to a flat $10.00 (in applicable currency) for this purchase (and any other titles you wish to add).

We’ll keep this special pricing in place for the next three days, and feature another souvenir image by email from each of the remaining days of the Rehor and Wood visit. You can grab one of these special copies of Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! by clicking on any link for the book title in this post or clicking here:

As usual, if you have any questions, kindly send me an email.

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