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Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1 video trailer

June 16, 2023

Are you intrigued by capturing the beauty and power of steam locomotives in motion? Do you seek to explore the world of Speed Graphic press camera photography that immortalizes breathtaking scenes that stir the souls of railway enthusiasts?

Allow me to present Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1, a sequel to the previous year's edition Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! The latter 192-page hardcover, released in July 2019, contains awe-inspiring images captured by esteemed photographers Don Wood, John Rehor, and Herb Harwood. For a sneak peek into the treasure trove that awaits you, I heartily recommend the video trailer below that offers a glimpse of the book's contents.

Though stocks are dwindling, by virtue of reading this passage you still have the opportunity to secure your copy of Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1 at the original exclusive introductory price of $69.95 CAD (including shipping to Canada) or $69.95 USD (including shipping to the United States). This is a savings of at least 20% in each case. Click here to request that I send you a custom PayPal invoice at the special price. Alternatively, Canadian readers may remit funds by e-transfer to for the special price. Unfortunately, Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3 is already out of print. Nonetheless, the 1958 vol. 1 edition showcases the finest images from the Southern Ontario region immortalized by the legendary Speed Graphic press camera.

I invite you to watch this short video trailer, which gives you an overview of Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 1:

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