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Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3 production update

November 05, 2020

Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3 production update

It has been awhile since I’ve updated the list on the status of Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3.

Last week, I finished the main manuscript, which now needs proofreading. The introductory text is ready to lay out with the pictures featured in the first six pages (past the table of contents).

As everyone knows, we lost Jim Brown in mid-September

At the time of his death, Jim had processed roughly half the pictures for the book. I’ve decided to finish the remainder myself, rather than shop around for someone who can emulate Jim’s skills (I did the pictures for Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! myself, and I will use that as a guide).

Given a bit more time, I can match the production quality of previous volumes without Jim. A project like Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3 should not be rushed to completion, so I’m appealing to everyone’s understanding given the sad circumstances.

This fourth and final volume in the Rehor-Wood-Harwood chronicle takes us to the end of the era of regular steam operation in Ontario and Quebec

There's a greater emphasis on Canadian Pacific (and subsidiary Quebec Central) than Canadian National. Overall, it’s roughly 2/3 CPR and 1/3 CNR content.

Our photographers Rehor and Wood even sample the early steam fantrip era in Canada, most notably behind a doubleheader on the CNR and a tripleheader on the CPR. The latter closes out the volume at Lambton roundhouse on the evening of May 1, 1960:


In terms of production and delivery schedule, this is what we’re looking at:

•    draft book narrative and layout in place end of this week
•    picture finishing and proofreading to begin week of November 9
•    hand book over to printer week of November 23
•    distribute all copies to readers weeks of December 7 and 14

I’m going to get back to work on Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3 now, and I thank everyone for their understanding and patience.


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