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From Spadina Avenue bridge, April 1959

February 05, 2024

Toronto, after the final view of Steam Through Port Credit

The time is mid-April 1959, and my late father is in Toronto standing on the Spadina Avenue bridge looking east. In the foreground is Canadian National 4-6-2 number 5565, an old favourite of his, which appears in the pages of Steam Through Port Credit in the 1940s:

In the background, toward the passenger engine roundhouse, a couple of Hudson's are still under steam, running out their last few days in passenger service between Toronto and London.

Before visiting Toronto, Dad had just taken the last picture of steam that appears in Steam Through Port Credit, that being Northern 6230 leaving the station with commuter train 76 for Toronto.

Speaking of Steam Through Port Credit, I got an update today from Carolyn at Ampersand Printing on the status of production. Here it is, quoted for you:

"Dust jackets are out at the laminator. Text will be going on press 6th-7th. Plan to ship this out on the 8th to arrive at Beck on 9th."

Translated, that means the dust jackets were printed first, because they needed to have a gloss laminate sprayed on the front. That protects the outside of your book and ensures you can wipe the jacket with a damp cloth to keep a pristine appearance. The inside of the book, the twelve "signatures" which comprise what we can the "text", will be printed tomorrow (Tuesday, February 6) and the next day. On Thursday, Ampersand Printing will ship the printed sheets to Beck Bindery, where they will arrive on the shop floor Friday.

I've spoken to Karen at Beck Bindery too. They already have the metal stamping die for the spine of the book made. This is how the bindery embosses the spine so you see Steam Through Port Credit in gold leaf as you look at your book with the jacket removed (the same text is replicated, in the same position, on the dust jacket).

Based on previous jobs, the bindery will probably complete this work by the end of next week, namely finishing around Friday the 16th of February. Therefore, I should have the book in my hands midway through the week of February 19th for distribution.

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