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CNR Ten Wheeler 1560 at Wingham

September 02, 2023

Saturday, July 6, 1957 at Wingham, Ontario

Here is the last presentation of a picture which was strongly considered for our 2024 Canadian Branchline wall calendar . It’s Saturday, July 6, 1957 and we’re at Wingham. This is on the Canadian National branchline to Kincardine, one of the subdivisions that draws a Ten Wheeler or Mogul from the Palmerston roundhouse for the two daily mixed trains. This picture by Herb Harwood was also in the running for Speed Graphics and Steam 1957!

Time of day is approximately quarter past two in the afternoon as Ten Wheeler 1560 prepares to leave for Palmerston. She’s heading train 332 from Kincardine. Photographer Harwood has framed the locomotive after she has assembled her consist at the station. In moments, the train will pull forward past the retail coal sheds that cluster around every branchline station in Ontario.

Our locomotive is one of seven branchline steam engines remaining in service at Palmerston, with another three stored serviceable (blame the advent of lightweight diesel road switchers in January for that). We’re fortunate to catch one on this train today, as diesel power is routinely assigned to the Kincardine trains now. Nonetheless, the six Ten Wheelers and single Mogul at Palmerston will log 15,352 miles this month. That’s equivalent to steady work for all of them. Their main duties are Southampton and Wiarton trains, the Kincardine runs to a lesser extent, and stints on the Owen Sound way freight every couple of weeks.

As mentioned above, this will be the last picture featured which DIDN'T make the 2024 Canadian Branchline wall calendar . The special prices for the calendar (and FREE SHIPPING on all books) will end tomorrow (Sunday).

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