Steam in Northern Ontario

ANNOUNCING—reprint of Steam in Northern Ontario (to be shipped in October 2018)

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Book(s) signed for, if desired


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Yes, we're planning on reprinting Steam in Northern Ontario!

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For years, we’ve been fielding inquiries from readers, especially newer ones, about getting a copy of this volume we first published in 2006.

Only once in 20 years have we reprinted any titles, that being Steam at Allandale (almost nine years after release). We’re offering to break the drought again with Steam in Northern Ontario, which has been out of print for going on a decade.

We had already contemplated reprinting this book and decided to table an offer to that effect in early August 2018. We’ll still do that, but consider this an EARLY BIRD offer.

If you’d care for a fresh copy of Steam in Northern Ontario, we can guarantee that yours would be shipped on DAY ONE of release if you place an order now.

In early August, as mentioned, we’ll roll this offer out in an advertising campaign and direct mailing.

There are a couple of conditions attached to this offer.

First, we need to have a sufficient number of pre-orders to proceed with a reprint of Steam in Northern Ontario. There are two things we will NOT do with this reprint (or any other of ourbooks):

  • Produce it offshore (unlike most railroad books these days, we pride ourselves in printing and binding on North American—in our case Canadian—soil)

  • Produce it digitally (nope... we prefer the quality and precision of OFFSET PRINTING, on a press)

Second, we need to put a firm deadline on this offer, which will be September 30, 2018. If the reprint is a “GO” by that date (based upon a minimum number of pre-orders), we’ll go to press.

There would be two consequences of waiting until October 1 or later to order a copy of the Steam in Northern Ontario reprint. First, the price will jump by about 20%. Second (and more importantly), we may decide not to proceed with this reprint—and thereby any other reprints—based upon lack of commitment on the part of readers.

If you’d like to wait and be lumped in with the bulk of the orders, you’ll receive a flyer in the mail (provided we have shipped at least one book to you in the past) in early August.

But... if you would like to guarantee a FIRST DAY shipping of your signed copy of Steam in Northern Ontario, you can download and print out a copy of our provisional flyer/order form and mail it to us with payment (if you don't see your download pop up right away, check your downloads folder on your computer or device). Or, you can order by clicking the appropriate PayPal button above.

Steam in Northern Ontario documents operations on the CNR Northern Ontario District mainline from the Don Valley in Toronto to the Lake Superior region.

Behold Mikados and F-units hauling manifest freight through remote territory patrolled by school cars.

Watch bullet-nosed Mountains with the solid green heavyweight cars of the Continental wend their way across a landscape of lakes, streams and evergreens as far as the eye can see.

Explore the switching operations of Consolidations handling pulpwood, lumber, coal and paper against a backdrop of log booms and pulp and paper mills between Longlac and Port Arthur.

Travel behind a Pacific aboard an all-night local passenger train, an express extra or a weekly mixed.

Observe the connections with the Ontario Northland at North Bay and the Algoma Central at Oba.

From section houses and water tanks at remote sidings to the coal docks, roundhouses, icing platforms and division point stations at South Parry, Capreol, Foleyet, Hornepayne, Jellicoe, Nakina and Armstrong, this is single track mainline operation at its finest.

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