Speed Graphics and Steam 1959!

Our Speed Graphics series resumes with Herb Harwood in August 1959. We track CPR steam in New Brunswick, plus the Maritime Coal, Railway & Power Company shortline in Nova Scotia. This book will be released in November 2021.

Speed Graphics and Steam 1959!

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These sample pictures give an overview of what will appear in this volume

Vestiges of steam manifest freight action with Mikados on the Saint John – McAdam mainline:

A Jubilee (!) working way freights to St. Andrews:

One of John Rehor’s beloved D4 Ten Wheelers with St. George way freights on the Shore Line Subdivision:

A D10 Ten Wheeler working way freights between Fredericton and Woodstock:

Probably the biggest reason for Harwood’s trip east, the 4-4-0s working the Chipman – Norton branchline during their last months of service:


The last steam switcher at Chipman, New Brunswick, working the nearby coal fields on a "roustabout" assignment:

And a quaint close-out to Canadian steam with the dying operations on the Maritime Coal, Railway & Power Company, which utilized an ex-CNR Mogul between Joggins and Maccan, Nova Scotia:

Check out our video series for Speed Graphics and Steam 1959!

Our first video (above) showcases the McAdamSt. Andrews way freight behind Jubilee 2926 in August 1959.

Our second video (above) traces the Bay Shore (Saint John)St. George way freight behind D4 class Ten Wheeler 492.

Our third video (above) offers a glimpse at American Type 144 as she handles the eastbound mixed train between Chipman and Norton.

Our fourth video (above) features CPR Mikado 5400 working a westbound freight extra from Bay Shore (West Saint John) to McAdam in August 1959.

Our fifth video (above) features number 10 of the Maritime Coal, Railway & Power Company working the daily train from Joggins to Maccan, Nova Scotia in August 1959.

Our bonus video to purchasers of Speed Graphics and Steam 1959! (a sample of which appears above) features 8mm movie footage taken by Harold Kinzie in the summer of 1956. This includes CNR Owen Sound, Wiarton and Palmerston and CPR Galt Subdivision (Barries Cut, west of Galt).

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