Steam Over Palmerston

A cherished volume reconstructing operations in and out of a branchline division point that drew hundreds of photographers in the 1950s. Elm trees, country roads and Ten Wheelers are dime-a-dozen.

Step back into the past and behold the tranquillity and charm of Canada's most fascinating branchline railway operation. Visit Palmerston, Ontario, the town famous for its iron footbridge, from which observers could witness the constant activity in the railway yard below.  Like spokes on a wheel, branchlines radiated from Palmerston to Kincardine, Southampton, Wiarton, Owen Sound, Durham, Stratford and Guelph. Small steam locomotives were the order of the day, and Palmerston's stable of Ten Wheelers, Moguls and Pacifics endeared the terminal to travellers, railway enthusiasts and photographers alike. Out of print, but planned for eBook release.

Introducing Steam Over Palmerston

Our video trailer (above) offers a teaser on the scope of Steam Over Palmerston.

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