Steam Through London

This long out-of-print volume showcases mainline and branchline operations around a division point that was among the last to fall to dieselization. Essential reading for understanding our other steam titles.

Turn back the clock and relive the drama of mainline steam action at the operational hub of Southwestern Ontario. Witness a parade of trains pounding along the double track from Windsor and Sarnia to Komoka, through London, Woodstock, Paris, Brantford and Dundas to Bayview Junction. At London, visit the service track where steam locomotives are nourished at the massive coaling trestle, stroll into the roundhouse and watch the engines being readied for assignments, behold the switching operations at the large division point yard, or walk along the station platform. For a change of pace, venture onto the Exeter Subdivision at Hyde Park. Steam Through London is laden with dramatic steam era photographs ranging from the loading of sugar beets in autumn at Centralia to Northerns coaling in a matter of seconds under the concrete dock at Paris Junction; from freight truckers muscling less-than-carload packages into boxcars to the night time repose of locomotives at Windsor in front of a glowing Detroit skyline; from passenger trains arriving at the majestic Brantford station to the simmering locomotives on the London ready track; from doodlebugs slithering along a grassy branchline to doubleheaded freights thundering up the Niagara Escarpment at Dundas.

Introducing Steam Through London

Our video trailer (above) offers a teaser on the scope of Steam Through London.

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