To Stratford Under Steam

In addition to train operations around Stratford, our second volume describes the role of  the Canadian National Railways “Big Shop”, where steam locomotives were overhauled. Our largest print run ever.

Take a trip back in time and rediscover Stratford, Ontario, as a busy CNR division point and home to the Motive Power Shops. Stand in the morning mist as simmering steam locomotives roll off the ready track; visit the bustling station platform as express and mail are loaded aboard; watch passenger trains roar across framlands beneath a blanket of cinders; witness the passage of freight trains such as the impatient Mad Dog and sauntering Roustabout; behold the excitement at mainline stations Guelph, Kitchener, St. Mary's, Georgetown and Brampton; travel along branchlines to Goderich, clinton, Galt, Thedford, Lostowel, Tavistock and Caledonia; climb aboard yard engines as freight cars are marshalled for manifests and way freights; peer into the Stratford Big Shop to watch locomotives being overhauled; and experience the sadness of the steam engines in retirement. The compelling narrative, some 265 photographs, 65 track diagrams, time tables and locomotive and train profiles comprising the limited-edition To Stratford Under Steam will take you on an unforgettable journey to an era when our day-to-day lives were regulated by the sound of steam locomotive whistles.

Introducing To Stratford Under Steam

Our video trailer (above) offers a teaser on the scope of To Stratford Under Steam.

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