Steam at Washago

This initial softcover volume marked the author’s return to reconstructing 1950s steam railway operations. With a fictional point-of-view character, this treatment centres on CNR Washago, Ontario circa October 18, 1952.

Steam at Washago

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  • softcover 9" x 11.5", 20 pages

  • 21 photographs, 2 maps, 1 timetable, 1 illustration

  • released December 2015

  • ISBN 978-1-927050-05-7

Imagine you could travel back in time to Washago, Ontario, on October 18, 1952. There you would experience, in sensory detail, the railway steam era at a busy junction north of Toronto. This is a 20-page book, an ideal introduction to the series of 192-page hardcover volumes.

We had a little fun with this softcover release, producing three videos at the time of our pre-publication offer. You may enjoy watching them now:

Steam at Washago video #1
Steam at Washago video #2
Steam at Washago video #3

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