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CPR Chipman ready for departure

July 21, 2021

CPR Chipman ready for departure

Monday, August 3, 1959

Herb Harwood stands on the mainline and frames locomotive 144 in a head-on view while crew members prepare for the train’s departure.

From the depths of the engine shed, light reflects off the headlamp and number plate of locomotive 29.

October, but two months away, will mark of the end of ordinary service for both of these engines. After number 29 arrives from Norton with train 559 on Friday, October 16, she’ll relinquish the head end to diesel hydraulic unit 18. Thereafter, steam will only be used on an emergency stand-in basis between Chipman and Norton.

Facing a deadline for an overhaul, number 144 will leave Chipman for Montreal the following month. She’ll be the first of the trio to end her CPR operating career with a flourish on excursion trains, then escape the torch for preservation.

[So reads part of page 28 of the manuscript for Speed Graphics and Steam 1959! Engine 144 about to leave for Norton with train 560, after relieving sister 136 which came in on train 559. So it’s back to the CPR Minto Subdivision for me now...]

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