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Ordering assistance for Steam Through Port Credit

February 23, 2023

Thank you to the readers who have already pre-ordered Steam Through Port Credit as per any of the packages on offer. We have been open for business more than seven hours and things are going smoothly. I will address a few points some readers have made through emails to me.

But first, check out Canadian National locomotive number 906, a Mogul, working the way freight at Port Credit. This is one of my dad’s shots, circa 1947, when he was a new member of Railroad Magazine’s Railroad Camera Club:

And now to the items...

Price increase

Yes, we’ve increased the basic pre-publication price from $74.95 to $84.95 since the last offer on a hardcover two years ago.

Even that is bare-bones, as shipping surcharges are approaching a 40% increase since 2021. Printing and binding costs have skyrocketed too. Not to mention that research and design costs (and time) will be substantially higher for this project than for Speed Graphics and Steam 1959! I’ve trimmed the all-inclusive prices as far as I can.

Occasional glitches with PayPal/payment options

A handful of readers encounter difficulty, for various reasons, with PayPal each launch. Don’t worry, there are ways around that.

If you wish to order by PayPal and are having trouble with the process, send me an email telling me what you want, and in which currency, and I will issue you a custom PayPal invoice. That always does the trick.

Alternatively, you may use our mail order form. The link for that is near the bottom of the ordering boxes (for Canada and US/overseas respectively). Click on that to download the form. Print the form and remit payment to us the old fashioned way. For your convenience, click on this link here to go directly to the mail order form .

A reminder too, that if your bank account is in Canada, you may remit funds to by Interac e-transfer. I’m set up for direct deposit, so you shouldn’t need to invent a security question. But if you do, how about you compose the question so “Steam” is the answer!

This posting is part of the background for the Steam Through Port Credit hardcover (click on the book title to go to its separate page, where you may order a copy).

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