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Steam Encounters at Montreal vol. 2 free sample

December 04, 2022

While Steam Encounters at Montreal vol. 2 is in production, I thought you might like a sneak preview of the book. If you’d rather wait until the book is in your hands, then BY ALL MEANS do not click on the following link!

Or, if you have NOT already ordered your copy of Steam Encounters at Montreal vol. 2 and simply do NOT want another all-colour Canadian steam (and diesel) masterpiece on your shelf, this likewise do NOT click on the link!

But... if you’re ordinarily curious like most people, and see no harm in a quick “Look Inside”, whether or not you have pre-ordered Steam Encounters at Montreal vol. 2, then go ahead and click away:

Steam Encounters at Montreal vol. 2 sample

(Be sure to set your PDF Page Display, in the View menu, to “Two-Up” and opt for “Show Cover Page During Two-Up” so the pages will appear correctly on your screen, as if you are opening the book in your hands).

And please note—to keep file size at a manageable level, the pictures in this sample display low resolution only. I’ve also posted this free eight-page PDF sample of Steam Encounters at Montreal vol. 2 to the book page (click on any link to the book title in this email to go there) in case you’d like to order a copy after all.

Expect another post in the next couple of days with a status report on production. I may post a few pictures of the press approval at Ampersand Printing.

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