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Not exactly Speed Graphics and Diesel but...

November 15, 2021

Not exactly Speed Graphics and Diesel but...

I have to admit that a few of the internal combustion engine growlers have stealthily crept into Herb Harwood’s Speed Graphic viewfinder in the latest volume. Page 97, for instance:

That’s a scheduled eastbound freight on the CNR’s Springhill Subdivision behind RS-3 number 3033 in August 1959. We’re at Maccan, Nova Scotia, where the Maritime Railway hands over coal loads for weighing. Number 10 on the left is former CNR Mogul 407, which the Maritime Railway purchased in 1951.

And here’s another one for you:

Canadian Pacific Extra 5413 West has a meet Grand Bay, mile 8.9 of the Saint John Subdivision. Our photographer Herb Harwood frames CPR RS-3 number 8427 heading a scheduled eastbound freight. Included in the consist is the Bill Lynch Shows carnival equipment bound for Saint John during the same month of August 1959.

Tell me about the status of Speed Graphics and Steam 1959!

Here’s where we are today (Monday, November 15, 2021): the book manuscript is finished and I’m making final corrections while proofing the pages with my trusted advisors. Beky, our photo finisher, is completing Signature 11 (of 12 signatures). I expect we will hand the files over to Ampersand Printing later this week.

What about the 2022 Canadian Branchline calendar?

We’ve distributed all the copies to readers and retailers who wished them shipped before their copies of Speed Graphics and Steam 1959! Altogether, more than 3/4 of the print run has been spoken for. You can still claim a copy by clicking on this link for the 2022 Canadian Branchline calendar .

Oh yes, we have a new flyer!

This one showcases the new calendar on the front, and all titles still in print on the back. Copies are going in the mail to everyone who has not already ordered one (nor pre-ordered Speed Graphics and Steam 1959! ). Those who pre-ordered the new book (but not the calendar) will receive a copy of the flyer with their Speed Graphics and Steam 1959! shipment. If you’d like to grab the PDF for the new flyer (a handy thing to have as a reference, with Christmas approaching), you can download it by clicking on this link for the 2022 Canadian Branchline calendar flyer .

That’s all for now, folks!

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