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Steam Scenes of Northern Ontario video trailer

June 12, 2023

On the heels of the release of Speed Graphics and Steam 1957! in May 2018, I decided to (once again) revisit the Canadian National's Northern Ontario District. The hardcover Steam in Northern Ontario (out of print since early 2013) would be reprinted. This was the last reprint I would ever do. Concurrently, I produced the 48-page softcover photo supplement Steam Scenes of Northern Ontario. Both books were released in November 2018.

The Steam Scenes of Northern Ontario issue was my fifth book to document 1950s operations on the CNR's district north and west of Toronto (seven if you give honourable mention to The Secret of the Old Swing Bridge and King's Highways & Steam Trains vol. 1). Since beginning work on Steam at Allandale in early 1997, I had never stopped collecting photographs for the Northern Ontario District. Of all the books I have done, Steam Scenes of Northern Ontario packs the most pictures for the buck.

I invite you to watch this short video trailer for Steam Scenes of Northern Ontario:

Now, as a thank-you for having read this message, I offer you a chance to purchase Steam Scenes of Northern Ontario at the original all-inclusive pre-publication price of $24.95 CAD to Canada or $24.95 USD to the United States or overseas (a savings of at least 20% in each case). Click here to request that I send you a custom PayPal invoice at the special price. Alternatively, Canadian readers may remit funds by e-transfer to for the special price.

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