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Last call for book writing course

December 18, 2019

This is a follow-up to my original post of November 17, when I pitched the idea of teaching you how to produce a book on a subject of interest to you

Since then, we’ve packaged up and sent out the door all the pre-ordered copies of Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 2 and our 2020 Canadian Branchline calendar. Before undertaking the next book project, I wanted to get things coordinated with those interested in our course.

I’ve limited the number of sign-ups to a dozen, and so far we have eight. There are four slots available. The course will be a "go" regardless (it will be all the better for you personally if we have fewer than twelve enrolees).

As mentioned, the price to you for approximately twelve in-depth training sessions is $97 CAD, all-inclusive. This price will rise to $197 CAD on January 1st.

The average person who buys a book never finishes the book

Or, if he signs up for a course, he never finishes the course, much less applies what he learns. This small group of mine will be different, because they will be hand-picked. I will likely know each participant personally, through correspondence over the years, and from purchasing my books. I believe you know I have something of value to offer and I (in turn) believe you are out of the ordinary and will apply my knowledge and experience to your particular project.

To recap a few things

We will cover all the basics that you will need in order to write and produce a print book on a topic of interest to you. I will not cover eBooks—they are a separate species altogether when it comes to formatting (and that is not my forté nor my interest). I will say that creating a PDF (essentially an electronic version of your book in what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) form. Making PDFs is easy, so in a sense you can distribute your book in electronic form per se.

Why might I aspire to write a book?

(this is a recap from my first mention of the subject) Pretty much because you have something to share and you believe there are some people who’ll want to read it! That’s not to rule out a book project for which only one copy is produced—say for your own reference or as a family heirloom. Producing a book need not be a commercial venture. Broken down, there are a number of reasons to write a book for distribution:

  • To enhance your credibility in a given field of interest or expertise
  • Name recognition (whether to raise your business profile or enhance your personal brand)
  • A door-opener (being a book author offers opportunities not readily available to others)
  • Invitations to speak to groups or participate in workshops, clinics, conventions, etc.
  • Meaningful experiences (it means a lot to be in the position of dedicating a book to someone special, or to autograph books for people interested in your work)
  • A supplementary income stream through book sales
  • Immortality (your book will outlive you and speak for you after you are gone)
  • Assist in the success of a project or cause dear to you (e.g. a restoration)

What is covered?

In my last post about this, I outlined a number of areas I would cover, that would take you from the research stage to holding the finished book in your hands. But I want to make sure I cover everything YOU would like covered. So tell me, before I finalize this course—for creating a book, what is the ONE THING you want to learn about more than anything? Please respond by email.

When do we start?

We will get this course started in the first week of January 2020, at the rate of one session per week. Content will be delivered in a series of videos (each with a supporting PDF) at the rate of one per week. Altogether, there would be somewhere between 8 and 12 installments. And I’ll schedule in Q&A sessions.

What’s the takeaway, again?

I intend to clear any hurdles you have in your mind as to the intricacies of writing a book. As I said before, it’s not for everyone. Few people commit to, and eventually produce, a book in their lifetime. It’s my job to smooth out any bumps that may derail you. That way, you can get on with producing your book.

When and how do I pay?

Please visit the link below and click on the PayPal button to reserve your place in the course. The introductory price of $97 CAD (about $76 USD) doubles to $197 CAD (about $154 USD) on January 1, 2020.

What if I know someone else who might be interested in learning how to write a book?

Then please share this post pronto to him/her, as the price doubles on January 1, 2020!

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