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Jim Guerin’s CNR Ontario coverage in 1954-55

February 11, 2021

Jim Guerin’s CNR Ontario coverage in 1954-55

Many thanks to all who have offered impressions of the colour photography we’ve presented over the past few days. These images have been from the lens of Jim Guerin, who has been featured in a number of my books going all the way back to our hardcover To Stratford Under Steam (out of print) in the year 2000. More recently, Steam Encounters at Montreal was exclusively based on Guerin’s work.

Stocks running low

Before going on to speak about our next video, I wanted to advise you (and anyone you may know with an interest in Canadian steam railways in the 1950s) that stocks of our two most recent publications are running DANGEROUSLY low!

A glance at our shelf shows only 13 copies of our 2021 Canadian Branchline wall calendar remaining (click on the title to learn more). As for our final volume in the Speed Graphics series, Speed Graphics and Steam 1958! vol. 3 is down to only 39 copies (click on the title to go to the appropriate page).

Our newest video!

We’ve put together a third video for you. This one presents an overview of the Canadian National Railways locations that Jim Guerin visited over the years 1954 and 1955. His photograph spots are dotted at terminals and stations along the Oakville and Dundas Subdivision mainlines, the same along the Brampton Subdivision secondary mainline, and the branchline division point at Palmerston.

Here is the video:

Important Announcement Coming

We will be unveiling a limited-time offer next week—on Tuesday, January February 16, 2021 to be exact. Please watch this blog for a posting or two over the next few days directing you to that (addendum: check out Steam Encounters in Ontario vol. 1).

And do kindly share this posting with any friends who are interested in Canadian steam railway operations—particularly in Ontario!

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